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I’ve honestly never tried anything better

I immediately could hear the difference in sound. What a massive improvement on my old instruments. I’m no longer asking people to repeat themselves as often as I used to. One weekend, I attended a concert, which put this hearing instrument to the test! I was amazed at how I could hear everyone perfectly, despite the loud music, whereas others battled to hear each other. I definitely felt like I had some sort of superpower!

– Shelley Buckle, former Miss Deaf SA


We hear with our brains.
Not our ears.

The ears receive sounds and send them to the brain that translates the sounds into meaning. Hearing aids that feature BrainHearing™ technology are designed to support your brain and help it make sense of sound, our technology helps you hear better, with less effort.

Better hearing starts with your brain

Your brain is the most important part of your hearing solution.

Hearing aids that feature BrainHearing™ technology, are designed to support your brain and help it make sense of sound.


Hearing aids help keep your brain fit

Active use of hearing aids will make it easier for hearing impaired people to participate in social activities. Social activities stimulate the brain, which decreases the risk of accelerated cognitive decline.

Source: Amieva et al. 2015


Social activities
Stimulate your brain

If you use hearing aids, you will find it easier to participate in social activities. Social interaction stimulates your brain, which decreases the risk of accelerated mental decline.

Act now! 

Get better hearing now and experience how BrainHearing™ technology can improve
communication and social interaction!

Sources: Amieva et al. 2015. Lin et al. 2011.


Better hearing.
Better living.

Is your hearing loss keeping you in isolation?
Seeking help from a qualified hearing care professional is the first step in addressing your hearing loss. With their assistance, you will be able to select hearing instruments that will enhance your ability to once again engage in conversations with family and friends, participate fully in outdoor activities and workplace discussions while enjoying the everyday sounds you’ve been missing.

Move from a world of loneliness and isolation to one of clear, natural hearing... Let your hearing care professional help put you back in touch with family, friends and a more rewarding lifestyle.

If you do not have an existing hearing care professional and would like to be referred to one in your area, contact us